Welcome to the 9th annual Workforce Efficiency in Healthcare Summit 2015

Boosting workforce productivity through workforce planning, simulation training, clinical education, data analytics, ehealth and change management

The Australian healthcare system is facing a period of drastic change as the current administration examines changes to primary care delivery and funding and looks to deliver more health professionals, at lower cost, through better training programs.

Faced also with challenging efficiency targets, headcount reductions and a drastic shortage of the medical workforce in rural and regional areas, never before has it been more urgent to examine the strategies and technologies you can use to achieve efficiency in the workforce and organization as a whole.

In light of these challenges, the 9th annual Workforce Efficiency in Healthcare Summit 2015 has been developed to give attendees exclusive access to a comprehensive range of strategic and operational case studies, panels and interactive content to help address these challenges and ensure your workforce can respond to current and future healthcare demands.

Key Themes:


Workforce Redesign in Achieving Healthcare Workforce Efficiency


Solving Australia’s Rural and Regional Medical Workforce Shortage through Sustainable Postgraduate Training Programs


The Mater Health Interprofessional Learning Program


Efficiency in Clinical Placements: Strategic and Funding Considerations


NEAT Targets – Understanding the Workforce Strategies and Technology that can Help you Achieve Government Targets


Developing and Implementing Nursing Leadership Programs


Rebuilding General Practice Training


Using our Health Workforce to Provide a ‘Medical Home’ and Reduce Hospital Admissions

What's New for 2015?


25+ case studies from leading public and private hospitals across Australia


Elevated networking opportunities through sessions specifically designed to foster introductions and interaction, as well as drinks receptions, extended lunches and breaks, and roundtable discussions


A varied agenda incorporating a mix of inspirational case studies, panel discussions, deep dive 'how to' sessions, interactive roundtables, and much more

Who Will You Meet?

This year's program has been specifically designed to benefit the following healthcare roles:


HR Directors/Managers


Workforce Planning Directors/Managers


Directors/Head of Nursing


Directors/Heads of Clinical/Medical Education


Workforce Strategy/ Workforce Education


Heads of Learning and Development eHealth Managers


Operations Director


eads of People, Learning and Culture


Integrated Clinical Practice Leads


Simulation Training Coordinators


Workforce Development Managers


Telehealth Managers

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